The angel in a white lab coat

We didn't actually see the inside of Christopher's hospital room until about 3:00 am.  We were all tired and hungry.  My husband took my sister home, and then came back with some food from the all- night drive through.  Christopher was on an IV, so we didn't bother to wake him up to feed him.  It was probably the best nights sleep he had in a long time.

The next morning we met Christopher's GI (tummy) doctor.  She was a very slight and polite woman.  She had such an air of compassion mixed with confidence about her.  She made you feel instantly secure that she cared about her patients, and that she knew what she was doing.  She introduced herself, and then she said the words I had been wanting to hear.  She told us that she didn't know yet what was wrong with Christopher, but she did know that he did NOT have the flu.  She even apologized for all the things we had been through down in the emergency room even though she certainly didn't have to.  She assured us that she was going to help Christopher!   Right then and there I wanted to give her a big old "bear hug".  Momma bears can be quite friendly and lovable sometimes, but I refrained from doing so.

I was actually relieved  to hear her say that she didn't know what was wrong with Christopher.  I know that may sound odd.  You might be thinking, but how could you have confidence in her?  At that point we craved an honest opinion and a commitment to find the truth.  I would rather have her tell me that she didn't know what was wrong instead of just giving me the old "he has the flu" line.  Honestly, I think that if I would have heard that just one more time, I would have gone crazy!  Within the first few minutes of talking to her, we knew we could trust her to help us.

Finally, somebody believed me, and she was not going to quit until she found out what was wrong with him.  I thought to myself that she most certainly must be some kind of angel dressed in a white lab coat.  We were so thankful that she showed up that morning.  I know it sounds crazy, but it was the best news I had heard in over 2 months!  It was hope!

We needed a big, huge, double-helping of hope.  Hope is what keeps you going, moving forward.    Sometimes in life things happen that tear at the very fabric of your soul, and that's where God gives us the grace and hope to get us through.  He uses hope to repair the wounds in our souls, so that His power and majesty can shine through the healing of our hearts.  Hope in itself is a miracle, but sometimes God blesses us with even more. 

The miracles started for us that morning, and that was only the beginning of what God had planned for us.  We didn't know it then, but it would take 16 long years (don't won't take me 16 long years to tell this story) before His plan would be revealed.  I guess sometimes miracles are instantaneous, and sometimes they happen over time.  I still don't know why He chose to work these miracles in our family, but I do know that I am eternally grateful!

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can pray like this:

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