It's a 3 ring circus!

The three ring circus
Ladies and gentleman may I direct your attention to ring number 1 starring "Michael the Magnificent".   In ring number 2 we have "The Amazing Ryan", and last but certainly not least in ring number 3 it's "Christopher the Courageous"!  Yes, it's true.  With three boys under the age of four, I definitely lived at the circus, but fortunately, I was a master at juggling "aka" multitasking.  I made the perfect ring leader or " Mommy (Master) of Ceremonies".

It's a good thing we had a "traveling circus" because Christopher was now 2 weeks old, and it was time for his 2 week check at the pediatricians office.  I loaded all my little circus acts in the van, and off to the doctor's office we went. 

The circus grown up a little.
In order for you to really appreciate what it's like to take 2 toddlers and a new born baby ANYWHERE , let me set the stage for you.  Set aside the fact that just getting in and out of the car is a "Herculean task" with the car seats, diaper bag, double stroller, etc.  Just imagine being in a small, confined doctor's exam room with this circus.  Picture it.  "Michael the Magnificent" was literally doing laps around the room.  "The Amazing Ryan" was where he always was... clutching my leg with both arms wrapped around me so tightly that I couldn't even move without lifting him along as I walked.  Under these circumstances, I think I deserved that "amazing" title more than he did, but I digress.  Anyway, his constant death grip on my leg kinda irritated me at first until I realized that it was actually a great way to lose that baby weight.  The only thing was I had to make sure I switched over to the other leg occasionally in order to get an equal workout on both sides.  Anyway... let's not forget in ring number 3 "Christopher the Courageous"  who was pretty much crying or puking all the time due to the fact that he was a very sick little boy.

As the ring leader, I was trying my best to contain the chaos when the pediatrician walked in and told me that Christopher had lost a significant amount of weight.  I told him  that I was not surprised at all given the fact that I had called him on the phone several times in the last couple weeks with my concerns about the fact that Christopher was eating very little and throwing up a lot.  The pediatrician listened to my concerns, did the examination, and gave Christopher his "puppy shots" (vaccinations).  He maintained the company line that his spitting up just "looked like a lot",  and told me to keep a closer eye on what he ate.  To say the least, I was tired and irritated.  I took my circus and went home.

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